Do you lack the time (or desire) to
navigate the world of

personal finance

Are you looking for a

financial road map

for what you need to know and do?

I work with you to gain

financial clarity and control

so you stay on track!

What is Financial Fitness?
Financial Fitness is a financial coaching and education service that seeks to empower individuals and families to take control of their finances...with confidence! I do not manage money or sell financial products but am focused purely on aligning what you need and value in life with how you save and spend your money.

Through individual coaching or 'Workshops in the Workplace', I demystify and explain pertinent financial topics such as managing credit & debt; evaluating insurance needs; saving for retirement and/or education; and investing and estate planning basics. Then, I guide you through the process of making changes that improve your situation.

Who are Financial Fitness clients?
I offer one-on-one coaching to a wide range of clients from young adults with college loans trying to save for a first home to parents trying to save for a rainy day fund or child's education while building a retirement nest egg and/or paying off some debt to individuals going through a life transition like a death of a loved one or divorce who now find themselves in unfamiliar territory of managing the household finances.

I also offer 'Workshops in the Workplace' to companies and organizations who see value in bringing financial education to employees. Companies are a significant part of an employees’ financial security as their source of income and possibly retirement and insurance programs. By providing a time and place to focus on personal finance, companies can showcase that interest in their employees’ financial well-being and emphasize the importance on staying on track with your finances. In turn, they may gain more focused and productive employees!

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